Apply to the Supreme Court

Seeking strong, responsible candidates interested in serving the student body

The application below is open until  April 1, 2018

The Supreme Court welcomes you to consider the application and requirements.

The interview and selection process traditionally occurs in the middle of the spring academic semester each year. Interviews will tentatively be held April 6th - 13th, 2018.

Selected candidates will be nominated for approval at the end of the spring semester or at the beginning of the following fall semester to replace graduating justices. Under normal circumstances, the court uses alternate candidates from the previous round of the interview and selection process if a midterm vacancy occurs.

  • Requirements

    • Justices must be Indiana University Bloomington students.
    • Undergraduate student justices must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours of classes; graduate and professional student justices must be enrolled in at least three credit hours of classes.
    • Justices must maintain good academic standing with the university, as defined by their school or department.
    • Justices may not serve in any nonjudicial position in the Indiana University Student Association or in any other position that would conflict with their duties as justices of the court.
    • Justices must agree to uphold the Code of Judicial Ethics as presented in the Bylaws of the Supreme Court, all standing rules of the court, the Indiana University Student Association Constitution and Bylaws, and the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.
    • Justices must fulfill all duties of their offices, including attendance at court meetings, hearings, and events, and serving on university hearings and committees as requested by the chief justice. The time commitment required by the court is between two and six hours per week; students are discouraged from applying to the court if they can not articulate how they will be able to fulfill these obligations.  
    • The Supreme Court Justice application includes a mandatory release of academic and disciplinary records for all applicants and a required confidentiality agreement for all candidates.
    • Candidates selected through the court’s application and interview process will be forwarded to the student body president, who must then nominate the candidates for appointment by the IUSA Congress. Supreme Court justices must be confirmed by a majority vote of the legislative body. 
    • Applicants should note that the associate justice appointment process is highly competitive, typically involving ten to fifteen times the number of applicants than the number of positions available. 
    • Associate Justices are appointed to three-year terms, subject to reappointment. There is no minimum term for justices.