Isabel Mishkin

Chief of Health and Well-being

Isabel is a Sophomore studying Public Management and Leadership and Social Cultural Anthropology. She joined the IUSA team to help continue developing Indiana University’s commitment to promoting good mental and physical wellbeing and supporting women's health needs. Originally from the Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago, she was active in her school and local community's mental health scene through the depression awareness organization Erika's Lighthouse. With Erika's Lighthouse, Isabel wrote depression and mental health curriculum for high schools and worked with the Program Director to create health-related programs for teens. She is currently the President of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) on IU's Campus, a Crimson CORPS member, and a former Civic Leader. As the Chief of Health and Wellbeing, Isabel hopes to implement a Grief Absence Policy for students who experience the loss of a family member during the school year, lay the groundwork for a peer-to-peer support program for students looking for alternatives to traditional counseling, and work with women’s groups on campus to improve access to women’s health products and services.