Olivia Malone

Chief of Staff


Olivia Malone is a junior at Indiana University majoring in Law & Public Policy and Informatics with a focus in Urban Affairs. She serves as the Chief of Staff of IUSA, and was the campaign manager for the Empower IU ticket. Apart from student government, Olivia works in the SPEA Undergraduate Programs Office as the Director of External Communications for the Law & Public Policy Event Planning Team, acts as Vice President of Organization for the Delta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma, and is a member of the 96th Board of Aeons. Olivia has gotten the opportunity to engage in and conduct a lot of research during her undergraduate career with the McNair Scholars Program, the Certificate in Applied Research and Inquiry group, and her position this summer as a research assistant for professors studying healthcare policy. Olivia likes to run, loves read, and lives to talk on the phone while walking places. This year for IUSA, Olivia is looking forward to forging strong and lasting connections with student organizations to better represent student voice.