We make sure that the student voice is heard in conversations around campus

IUSA strives to give all students the chance to voice their opinions about issues around campus. Although IUSA can work directly with any student to resolve concerns and answer questions, another mechanism is serving on different campus committees.

Selected via an open application process, the IUSA student representative on a given committee acts as a liaison between students, university administrators, and faculty regarding various university-wide policies and cases. Likewise, the committee facilitates discussion to further develop opportunities for students.

The following committees have IUSA representatives on them:

  • Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • All University Committee on Names
  • Athletics Committee
  • Bloomington Faculty Council Subcommittee: Affirmative Action
  • Bloomington Faculty Council Subcommittee: Budgetary Affairs
  • Bloomington Faculty Council Subcommittee: Educational Policies
  • Bloomington Faculty Council Subcommittee: Research Affairs
  • Bloomington Faculty Council Subcommittee: Student Affairs
  • Bloomington Faculty Council Subcommittee: Technology Policies
  • Biking Masterplan
  • Bloomington Faculty Council
  • Calendar and Schedule
  • Campus & Community Coalition on Alcohol
  • Campus Curriculum
  • Campus Rec Sports
  • Campus Review Board
  • Campus Teaching and Learning Space Committee
  • Campus Traffic Safety Committee
  • Campus Web Maintenance Committee
  • Commission on Multicultural Understanding
  • Enrollment Policies and Practice Implementation
  • Fee Policy Appeal Committee
  • GLBT Advisory Board
  • Groups Student Support Services Advisory Committee
  • Indiana Daily Student Publishing Board
  • IU Health Center Advisory Committee
  • IU Bloomington Commencement Speaker Committee
  • OVPUE Space Visioning Committee
  • Parking Appeals
  • Parking Steering Committee
  • Patten Foundation Committee
  • Student Life and Learning Student Org Registration Committee
  • Student Legal Services Charter
  • Standing Committee on Residence
  • Student Legal Services Advisory Committee
  • Student Transportation Board
  • Student Sustainability Council
  • Transportation Policy Advisory Committee
  • Transportation Work Group
  • Union Board Selections Committee
  • University Faculty Council

Interested in becoming an IUSA representative on a campus committee?

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Would you like an IUSA representative on your committee?

If you are on a committee and would like to add a position for an IUSA representative, please contact the Vice President of Administration.