IUSA is dedicated to representing you.


The executive board consists of the President, Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Congress, and Treasurer. This team is the overarching leadership of IUSA’s executive branch. Their responsibilities include meeting regularly with administrators, gaining student input, and representing the organization externally.

Senior Staff


Policy oversees advocacy and initiatives with an end goal in mind. This team works with administration and outside parties in the Bloomington area to achieve a set list of goals. Past policy projects have included Hoosier Pact and the Indiana Lifeline Law, increased recycling options, and Student Recreational Sports Center sustainability.

State, Legislation, and Student Affairs

Outreach’s main goal is to interact with students to gain input about student life on the Bloomington campus. Outreach does this by conducting surveys and focus groups, as well as conducting moving speaking tours on a biweekly basis to gain as much feedback from students as possible. Quantitative and qualitative data from outreach drive the administration’s initiatives and efforts.


Established in 2013, diversity is a two-pronged department, addressing international diversity and multicultural diversity. International diversity collaborates frequently with student groups from around the world, such as the Korean Students Association and the Indian Students Association. Multicultural diversity works with a variety of multicultural groups to host events and speakers promoting multicultural understanding.

Marketing and Communications

This committee works with every other in order to ensure that students know about all the amazing initiatives IUSA is launching. Spearheading the 2015 rebrand, MPR has worked and is working to increase campus-wide awareness of IUSA and IUSA initiative.