Election Commission

The Election Commission officiates neutral, campus-wide voting.

The Election Commission as it stands today was created in 2014 for the purpose of providing fair and equal opportunities for all IUSA members to run for Congressional and Executive offices and to provide fair and equal opportunities for all IUSA members to participate in the electoral process.

The commission is made up of 11 members, each of which represent a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, The Election Commission acts to fairly, unbiasedly, and uniformly enact the IUSA Election Code.

The Election Commission is additionally in charge of actively seeking to increase awareness of IUSA among the student body throughout the academic year, especially during election season.

Applications for IUSA Executive Branch and Congressional Candidacy for the Spring 2018 Election will open in January 2018.

Applications for the Election Commission are accepted on a rolling basis. We are currently looking to fill two positions, our application can be accessed below.