Resolution to functionally enable printing from laptops to IU Bloomington campus printers

By Congressional Resolution NO. 14-15-27

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sponsor(s): Benjamin Cowley, Maurer School of Law Delegate

Filed on October 27, 2014 Considered on November 3, 2014 with a final disposition of ( )

Resolution to Functionally Enable Printing From Laptops to IU Bloomington Campus Printers 

WHEREAS, currently the majority of mobile computers used by students are unable to print to IU printers at all or only with the hassle of creating an additional user account solely for printing;

WHEREAS, it is in the students' interest to have the ability to easily print from their computers; WHEREAS, Indiana University is committed to supporting the interests of students; THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED that the legislative branch of IUSA in conjunction with other departments or groups with a vested interest in technology services and education at IU support:

  1. modifying the IU printer finder so that it is functional on both Windows and Macintosh computers, and
  2. including this modified software, or a functional form of it, with the "Get Connected" software used by first year students to set up their computers for use with IU Campus Network to reduce effort required so set up computers to print wirelessly, within a reasonable time period.

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