Where IU students come to lead

Making sure the student voice is heard is our number one priority. Whether it’s advocating on behalf of IU students or proposing innovative ideas, Congress is devoted to making sure the student voice does not go unheard.

Led by the vice president, Congress comprises 62 positions based on each student’s residence or respective area of study. It is the duty of the representative to make sure their constituency is represented at weekly assembly and committee meetings.

Taking Action for IU Students

Congress meets every week in order to make sure progress is being made in the areas of student life and education. At committee meetings, resolutions are created by Congress members and voted on by all the following week at an assembly meeting. If a resolution is passed, it is the responsibility of Congress to meet with the necessary parties involved in order to effect change.

Get Involved!

Congressional representatives are formally elected in the official IUSA elections, yet not all positions are always filled. If you are interested in becoming an IUSA Congress representative, please apply to Congress. The vice president of Congress will contact you regarding availability of open positions.